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Crooked Arrow ([personal profile] crooked_arrow) wrote2010-07-29 06:41 am
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Open Question to Professional Artists:

Is it REALLY that hard to know the costumes of the characters you're drawing?

Note: Jesse Quick's speedster outfit isn't even that hard: Red shirt. Yellow shorts.

But of course that didn't show enough skin, so you felt the need to leave out the bottom half of the t-shirt, right?

Also, colourist who probably did last minute edits: your attempts to fix the inker's mistake by colouring red (the wrong shade in a few cases, by the way) over Jesse's inexplicably exposed torso probably would have been better had you not missed the large full body, detailed image of her on like, the third page. Way to jerk me right out of the story to contemplate whether or not Jesse was speed changing her shirt just for fun.