crooked_arrow: (Default)
Crooked Arrow ([personal profile] crooked_arrow) wrote 2010-02-16 10:07 pm (UTC)

Haha. Yeah, I tend to just ignore the stuff I don't understand until I actually need to figure it out, or it somehow gets explained to me. (my old lj account had like 600 entries with no tags or memories because I didn't know what they were). So it is definitely weird trying a new blogging platform when it took me so long to figure out the first one.

I guess I'm just used to LJ, and even Facebook, where you log in and see a number beside "Friends". When you first open an account and that number is low, it's kind of depressing.
But then the professional/businesslike approach removes the nice, homey feel of LJ (like a "we're all Friends here!" sort of thing), so that's another point in lj's favour. =)

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