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This is why I download before buying

Dear J.T. Krul, and every other writer who has been part of thankfully ending train-wreck that is Green Arrow and Black Canary,

Please stop treating Dinah like a one trick pony whose only ability is her Canary Cry. I direct you to the early BoP issues where she DIDN'T have the cry, and was still, amazingly enough, a awesomely badass hero. Hell, I even direct you to the wedding issue, where Dinah STABBED OLLIE IN THE NECK when he attacked her, instead of standing there crying and getting beaten.

Accomplished street fighters do not lose slapping matches to guys who shoot trick arrows. Dinah fucking Lance doesn't stand around sobbing while her undead (redead?) husband smacks her. She stabs him in the neck with his own arrow. Because she's awesome.

No love,

P.S. I'm fairly certain that, not too long ago, Mia said that Connor already knew about Ollie leaving his mother. If your going to retcon something, retcon deadbeat!Ollie entirely out of existence, please.

(all of my entries here so far have been wanking posts. I need something happy to post about, dammit!)

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